The Ultimate Personal Assistant with Adam Fidler 2017

Price: R5, 750 Excluding VAT
Duration: 2 Days
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Adam Fidler is a UK based board-level executive assistant, a member of the "European Management Assistants Association" and an international speaker. Adam has lectured extensively in Europe, America, Australia and South Africa on practical, real and pragmatic administrative solutions to Executive Secretaries and PAs worldwide.

This year, Adam is returning to South Africa with his Ultimate PA course, which will include new trends and performance benchmarks that he has come across whilst training some of world's top PAs. Adam's dedication to training and developing outstanding management assistants results in his courses selling out locally and abroad.

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Attend this course and learn from Adam's clear insight, valuable advice and real life examples.

JOHANNESBURG - 28-29 March 2017

Venue: Corporate Conference Centre, Dowerglen, Johannesburg

This Ultimate Personal Assistant course is full of useful advice, real life examples and practical exercises to make this one of the most useful courses YOU will ever attend.

Key learning areas covered during this course include:

  • What the core role of a PA/ MA should be - perfectionism versus pragmatism
  • Keeping everyone organised under pressure - advanced diary management
  • The PA as a manager - making the step up and taking more responsibility
  • Changing others' perceptions of the role - visibility, status and profile
  • Executive behaviour for PA's - managing your emotions at work
  • IT versus paper systems - making IT work for you
  • Recognising the PA as a "total" meeting manager
  • Discovering advanced boss management - how to lead your boss so that you both win


More about The Ultimate Personal Assistant Course

Adam has developed this two day Ultimate Personal Assistant  "Masterclass" which is delivered to secretaries and personal assistants internationally. This course takes personal assistants and senior secretaries, who want to be the best in their field, to the top of the tree in terms of delivering the highest level of support to their managers and chairmen.

Adam, a highly successful and powerful speaker, is inundated with requests to run training sessions in Dubai, Australia, America, the United Kingdom as well as Europe.

This international course has been developed by Adam Fidler, one of Europe's top Executive Personal Assistants. This is an opportunity for senior managers and directors based in South Africa to seriously enhance their assistant's performance.


Your Intensive Ultimate Personal Assistant 2 - day Programme


1. Welcome and Introductions


  • Where am I now? Where do I want to go?
  • What do I like about my current role? What do I dislike about my role?
  • What do I want to get out of this programme?
  • Career planning


2. Re-defining the role of the Executive PA


  • High expectations - perfectionism versus pragmatism
  • Providing a service; providing solutions
  • Seeing yourself as a manager
  • Changing others‟ perceptions of the role - visibility, status and profile
  • Key skills: adding value; creating a specialism


 3. Your Values, Beliefs and Personal Motivation


  • Your values in relation to your job
  • Personal motivation
  • It's the thought that counts - the law of attraction


 4. The PA Behaviour Model


  • Your behaviours (the "how‟) are as important as your execution (the "what‟)
  • How you respond to the demands of others
  • Managing your emotions at work - the Five Second Rule
  • Dealing with difficult managers
  • Setting boundaries
  • Perception is reality; perception is projection
  • Gaining credibility through personal impact


5. Daily Routines


  • Diary management - day folder, diary pack, travel planning and itineraries
  • Looking after the boss
  • Using the Five Folder System to remain organised when swamped with paperwork
  • Thinking ahead; pre-empting workloads
  • Taking control without taking over
  • Scheduling your own time
  • How to delegate work and ask others for help


6. Meetings, Agendas and Correspondence


  • The PA as the meeting manager
  • Owning and devising agendas and papers for meetings
  • Not making a meal out of minutes
  • The PA as the Chair of a meeting
  • Drafting correspondence


 7. IT versus Paper Systems


  • Using IT more effectively - tips and tricks
  • Advancements in IT
  • Smarter ways of working
  • Not being a slave to emails and technology


 8. Working Effectively with the Boss


  • The boss' relationship with you; your relationship with them
  • Seeing the boss as a customer; seeing colleagues as customers
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Strategies for coping when things go wrong 


9. Working under Pressure


  • Working under pressure
  • Dealing with a high volume of work
  • Remaining focussed and getting the job done
  • Learning not to collect other people's "stuff" at work


 10. The way forward


  • What will I do differently as a result of this programme?
  • Personal action planning
  • Continuing my professional development
  • Open question and answer session